config_function_implementation(function=None, *, function_quantized=None, support_batch=False, auto_broadcast=True, use_object_names=True, unwrap_values=None, include_executor_args=False, is_iterator=False, is_sgc_function=False)[source]#

Configure the implementation of a function in a domain.

  • function (Callable | None) – the function to be wrapped.

  • function_quantized (Callable | None) – the quantized version of the function (can be None).

  • support_batch (bool) – whether the function supports batched inputs.

  • auto_broadcast (bool) – whether the executor should automatically broadcast the arguments before calling the function.

  • use_object_names (bool) – whether the executor should use object names instead of indices.

  • unwrap_values (bool | None) – whether the executor should unwrap the values before calling the function.

  • include_executor_args (bool) – whether the executor should include itself as the first argument.

  • is_iterator (bool) – whether the function is an iterator.

  • is_sgc_function (bool) – whether the function is an SGC function.


the decorator.

Return type: